Remove File Activity from Office 365


As shown in the following image, it is possible to see recently accessed files by other users in your company. The reason this shows is because you both have access to the document. Now I can see where this could be somewhat helpful depending on the size of your company, but the way we have SharePoint permissions currently setup this a terrible thing to have. My current managers do not like this option at all and would much rather have file activity hidden.


So, after doing a bit of research I was not able to find much information on this topic for some reason. The only possible fix that I could find was through removing Delve from my organization which uses office graph to pull all of this same information. By disabling Delve you essentially disable office graph and therefore disable file activity in SharePoint as well.

Steps to Remove Delve

  1. Login to Office with an Admin Account
  2. Go to the Admin Center
  3. Open up Sharepoint Admin Center
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Toggle to Disable Delve (Office Graph)
  6. Save Changes!

Note that this is quite simple task that takes a few minutes to do, but the changes made can take upwards of 24-48 hours before file activity is hidden.

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