There was a problem connecting to the server – Mac Fix

So up until quite recently I have been able to connect to my local file server on my network using my mac. However, now I am given a strange message saying there was a problem connecting to the server. All other windows computers have no problems accessing files and connecting to the server. The only computers with issues are a few Macbooks running OSX 10.14. Note that I am still able to ping the servers normally from my mac as well and I know I am using the correct authentication. Similar issues: 1 2 3

Here is a quick and easy way to fix this issue:

  • Open Finder
  • Press Command + k
problem connecting to the server old image

Now normally you would connect by using either the IP address or Hostname. However, I have had issues connecting this way. Instead I followed these steps below:

  • Connect using: smb://<hostname><domain><path optional>
  • For example: smb://appserver1.exampledomain.local/Share
  • Then connect using a registered account
  • The server should then successfully mount to your system

Let me know if this fixed your issue or not!

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