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No More Loot Boxes

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the new Need for Speed Heat trailer that was released earlier today check it out here: NFS-Heat Trailer. This trailer personally hyped me up even more for the game, simply with the fact that the previous speed cards/loot crate system has been removed! If you watch the trailer closely it also revealed a couple key points that you might have missed.

Engine Swaps

If you are familiar with the Forza video game series you would be familiar with the endless customization that the games provide. One of these customization options that I always enjoyed was an engine swap and aspiration conversions. From the trailer, they show customizing an Audi R8 and there is just a glimpse of UI that shows that this will now be possible with Need for Speed Heat.

Car Customization

Along with customizing the engine and car performance, you can also change your cars cosmetics in many different ways. Whether this is a new spoiler, custom front/rear lights, etc. But, many of these options are already available in older versions of Need for Speed. One of the new options that I think is pretty unique is the ability to change your exhaust and tune it to the sound that you want, this is pretty sick and I cant wait to make my exhaust sound insane!

Play Now??

From the trailer they talked about a way to play the game earlier than its official release on November 8th, 2019. At this link there is basically a mobile app download that will allow you to customize your rides ahead of time before release. This is a really cool way to test out and see all of the options before buying the game. I have not had the chance to play around with it yet but I definitely plan to do so before buying the game on release.

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