Amazon Basics Keyboard – Review

First Impressions

After getting my hands on the Amazon Basics Keyboard I was pretty excited. The previous keyboard I was using was a crappy old dell hand me down. The first thing I noticed was how reflective the surface of the keyboard appears to be on the Amazon one compared to other keyboards I have used. This keyboard fully supports windows, and the media keys worked extremely well for me. Most budget keyboards do not have volume controls which I was pleasantly surprised to see. Another thing that I quickly noticed is the build quality is quite good. The entire keyboard is one solid piece that forms an L shape to support itself. This means that there is no little flimsy tabs that break off after a while from lifting the keyboard.

My Experience

After using the Amazon Basics Keyboard for a little over a year now I have had very little problems with it. The keys still seem very stable and firm, as well as staying relatively clean. The glossy finish on the top of the keyboard helps to keep dust/hair/etc. from sticking around too long. The only downside that I see in this keyboard compared to others is the fact that the keys are very flat. They do not really cup your fingers as nicely as some other keyboards. Another reason this is a downside is it makes the keys feel really small, and at first it can be quite easy to mix up.

Cupped Keys Keyboard
Cupped Keys unlike the Amazon Basics Keyboard

Conclusion and Rating

Overall I think this keyboard is a really good deal (considering it is only $13) from Amazon. The fact that it is so cheap, durable, and has lots of functionality makes it a really good buy. If I had to rate this product out of 10 compared to other keyboards on the market I would give it a 8/10. The reason it is not a 10 is due to the fact that obviously it is more budget and has some cheap feel to it being made entirely out of plastic. Also, the keys are not perfection and do have a bit of sloppiness to them.

Amazon Basics Keyboard Review – 8/10

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